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2018 The Hawthorns

Tournament Candids
Tournament Winners
Nina City Champ 2018

Nina Whalen - City Champion

Anne Childress - Medalist

Anne Childress - Medalist

Senior Medalist - Nina Whalen

Senior Medalist - Nina Whalen

Low Net Winner - Leslie Wilson

Low Net - Leslie Wilson


Sweet Sixteen - Alison Brown, Anne Childress, Deb McPherson, Nina Whalen, Donna Shockey, Vicki Bullock, Kay Fuller, Rebecca Branson, Celeste Hook, Barb Johnson, Becky Gatman, Dena Sudhop & Rhonda Trammell (Not pictured: Lisa Trimpe, Carla Windisch & Aren Straiger)

Team Winners from River Glen

Team Winners from River Glen - Carol Branson, Donna Shockey, Cynnie Halsmer (Not pictured: Julie Miller)

Low Putts Winners

Low Putts - Celeste Hook, Joan Belschwender, Anne Childress, Donna Shockey, Deb McPherson, Laura Touchton, Leslie Wilson, Beth Orsay, Kay Fuller and Edith Millikan (Not pictured: Brenda Ramsey, Mary Clegg, Lestine Grady, Carla Windisch, Carolyn Coyne and Barb Johnson)

Proximity Winners

Proximity Winners - Sherrie Bossung, Joan Belschwender, Anne Childress (Not pictured: Debbie Herrmann)

Championship Flight Winners

Championship Flight - Winner Nina Whalen, Runner-Up Anne Childress-Maloberti

First Flight Winners

First Flight - Winner Cilla Harrington, Runner-Up Beth Orsay

Second Flight Winners

Second Flight - Winner Laura Touchton, Runner-Up Kelly McKeeman

Third Flight Winners

Third Flight - Winner Leslie Wilson, Runner-Up Gina Craig

Fourth Flight Winners

Fourth Flight - Winner Patty Yeager, Runner-Up Edith Millikan

Fifth Flight Winners

Fifth Flight - Winner Cynnie Halsmer, Runner-Up Sherrie Bossung

Sixth Flight Winners

Sixth Flight - Winner Lestine Grady, Runner-Up Taylor Caldwell

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